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Hello! I am a 20 year old boy and have passed out of college. I was obese during first year of college. I started walking an hour daily and lost "much" weight (my friends complimented me on getting slimmer). I haven't measured my weight since the last four years.

Recently, I came across many articles and posts on websites advocating running and jogging are better than walking. I tried jogging, but got tired after jogging 500 metres only. I enjoy walking and walk 6 kms everyday in one hour. I can brisk walk non stop for even 10 kms or for one and half hours.

My question is: Is one and half hour walking equivalent to one hour of running? Is the number of calories burned same?

 Thanks in advance.


Hello Vicky06,

I think you should do what suits you better. If you feel like walking and it has an effect upon you, keep on walking.

Running is not for everyone, it's like comparing people with different pace of living and temper. Moreover, I read that running is not as safe as it seems to be. It also causes healthy issues, such as joint problems, varicose veins, and some other unpleasant things.

I prefer walking a lot and exercising yoga. My body loves it and I feel happy because of that...

Anyway, that was just my opinion, so good luck!



Hello, chris.fran908! Thanks for sharing your opinion. I feel better after walking than after jogging, so will certainly continue with former only. Also, will start to incorporate yoga in my routine.