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I've had these bumps near the bottom of the opening of my vagina for a while now. They never seem to go away and I noticed them not because of pain or discomfort, but because I was just doing a check up on myself. I have no other bumps or anything anywhere else on my vagina.

I've been sexually active with my boyfriend for the past nine months and there are no signs of warts on him at all.

I did some research and came across this picture and they look pretty much like this:



Genital warts would cause some kind of discomfort. but it's also possible to get warts from someone who shows no sign of having them.


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From what I can see from the pic, it looks like regular fordyce spots to me.
If they look like small zits (with white stuff in the circle), then they are definitely fordyce spots, but if they are raised above the skin and look like small warts, then you better have that checked by a gyn.