For a year I have had a dark spot that itched, on my vulva lip near my inner thigh, it began to itch more when I would sweat, at one point I used to feel like I had an awful fish smell coming from my vagina. The spot started to turn red. I have recently found out a guy I had sex with about 3 to 4 months ago has genital warts, now the spot has turned into little red bumps and they keep getting worse and the patch is getting bigger, not to mention they itch constantly. The bumps used to be one or two then go away but now I have not been able to get rid of them. I have used anti fungal cream, A&D, hydrocortazone, and anti biotic cream. I have seen pictures of genital warts and they look nothing like what mine do. I didn't know if maybe it could be a yeast infection because when I first started to itch it was right after I had my first UTI.. PLEASE Help, this itching has got to stop and I do not know what to do.