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So, yesterday I noticed a little discomfort and of course explored and ended up finding a lump *maybe* as big as the tip of my pinky finger on my labia (inner). It's smooth and under the skin and hurts a bit when it's touched. I looked up the Bartholin Gland Cyst, but it seems as though it's not that, because it's not close to the vaginal opening. I have kind of big inner labia, and it's on the right side, sticks more out of the outter side of my inner labia, and it's more close to the center or edge. It's not ON the edge, but maybe like half inch or something from the edge. I guess the Bartholin Gland Cyst is really close to the vaginal opening and on the inner side of the inner labia, and mine's not really close to my opening and is on the outter side.

My friend said it just sounds like a boil which can come from anywhere and it's probably nothing serious, but I'd like a second opinion before rushing to the doctor without insurance.


It's a cyst. Use coconut oil on it for a week. If it didn't go away seek professional opinion. I get them behind my ears & occasionally under my arm pits. The doctor will prescribe an antibiotic. Extra virgin unrefined coconut oil has anti fungal properties. Make sure you use coconut oil with the above label