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Today at work I noticed a small, skin colored bump on my inner labia. It wasn't open, but it felt firm and slightly painful to touch. I'd say a 3/10 (ten being most painful).
I researched it on the internet and have had a cyst before in my groin, and assumed it must be a cyst as well. I tried to 'pop' it, by using a needle and antiseptic, but I think I just really aggravated it. It started to weep clear fluid and blood. I treated it with polysporin and now there is a darker red bump and white bump in the middle and my labia is really swollen. My groin glands are swollen as well, but aren't painful, just uncomfortable feeling... I'm either freaking myself out reading up on STD's via the internet... or I should be really concerned... Can anyone please give me some insight? Im clearly going to schedule an appointment with my OBYN, but at the time I just need either some easing of mind... or otherwise!

Sexually I try to be safe, and I haven't had any STD's before. My last sexual partner was over a month ago...
All comments are appreciated.... thanks.


I myself have had these what i call cysts in the same area. I went to the doctor with my husband and the doctor said it was just a ingrown hair or a minor infection. Leaving the "cyst" or bump alone will not help a lot of the time because it will/can become worse to the point of being like a boil. In some cases the bump will form a "white core or head". The doctor showed my husband how to treat the infection using a hot wet wash cloth and putting it on the area. Yes, it may hurt at first but the outcome makes it worth it. After using the hot wash cloth several times or more to "bring the head or infection" closer to the surface, then using a sterilized needle have your mate insert the needle in the center of the sore to try to open it up. Yes, it will hurt some. He may then using a clean cloth try to gently squeeze from the base of the cyst upwards in hopes that the cyst will pop open releasing the core and infection. You may have to try this several times before you are successful. Then put antibiotic on the area and keep the area clean.