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For about 5 months foods taste odd, peanuts taste sort of burnt, French fries taste really greasy, bread taste odd, orange juice, bananas  , strawberries also. Shampoo and toothpaste smell too sweet.When I go into a restaurant it smells really greasy.Some chemicals like paint thinner smell totally different. I went to ent, got ct scan nothing showed up.I has a bad cold 9 months ago. Would the taste disorder show up a couple months after I had the cold? I did have some coughing fits while driving at night, but that has gone away. I do not take any medications.I have tried prescription nasal spray fluticasone.



Sounds like your cold has affected your smell and taste.   This is not unusual to happen for some people.  You may have a viral infection at this point that would affect smell and taste and of course any medications you took while you had your cold.  Your prescription nasal spray Fluticasone may have been the culpret.  A CT scan probably wouldn't show up anything where taste and smell are concerned unless you had brain damage.  You taste and smell centers many have been reset with everything that went on.  I doubt you have anything to worry about.  What you can do is to take some multivitamins and eat plenty of fresh veggies and fruit.  Try drinking warm beverages such as hot tea and see if that doesn't help you sense of taste and smell return to its normal setting.