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Hi I am a 23year old guy I am very concernd about my health I have been doctors and hospital but knw one can tell me what's the matter as they can't smell it! All my mates/family think I'm insane, I have a vile discusting smell that only I can smell its imposible to say what it smells like if I sniff I get the same smell but as in a taste its discusting iv been like it for 5months now and iv know idea wot it is please can some1 help me? Thanks


it is possible you have cryptic tonsils where particles of food and bacteria get trapped in the back of your throat. Sometimes you will notice small vile smelling stones. Gargling with mouth wash or warm salty water helps, but you may need to see an ear, nose and throat doctor for a special mouthwash called peridex which helps alot. If you suffer with chronic sore throats, you may need your tonsils removed which will solve the problem. Hope this helps!