Many people in today's world are addicted to smoking, specially the young generation. They don't have a control over their smoking.
There are various major effects of smoking on health, especially on respiratory system.

1) You can also get cancers due to smoking, because you inhale the drug intake called nicotine while smoking. lung cancer is the most common in the smokers.

2) Smoking also effects your blood circulation, which gives rise to various blood problems, such as blood clotting.

3) Smoking also increases your blood pressure which may lead to hypertension, restlessness, depression state of mind.

4) Smoking also reduces the immune power which leads you to become sick easier.

5) The problem of heart attack is doubled in the smokers due to continues smoking and taking the carcinogens bacteria into your body.

Better thing twice before smoking and taking up the different health problems on you.
So, please quit smoking and live a healthy life.