I have two kids a boy and a girl and I didn't want anymore children so I had a tubal ligation done 3 in a half years ago. And my belly button is very red, swollen, it has a foul smell, its very painful, and its draining. It has been like this off and on for the last 3 years. Two months after I got this procedure done it started to do this. My doctor told me to just clean it out and I did and still do. I have taken antibiotics and it doesn't go away the pain doesn't stop nothing. I have tried antibiotic cream and that does not work either. No matter what I do it won't stay away and its very uncomfortable. It hurts me to just wear a shirt. I have had other surgeries done I have had two c-sections, my appendix removed, tonsils, and the tubal ligation. And my belly button never did this until I got the tubal ligation done. I don't know what to do anymore. And my periods are different to. I had a normal period every 28 days, and after the tubal, its the complete opposite. I bleed very heavy with clots the whole time they don't stop. And instead of normal menstrual cramps its multiplied by 1,000. It hurts so bad to where I can barely get out of bed. My period last longer than it used to and it will stop and then come back. I don't know what's going in but I want it all to just stop. Please let me know what you think. Thank you.