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So just a week ago, my penis got really itchy, and i masturbated once that week. After that, a part of the foreskin became really dark colour, and it's usually yellow cause i'm asian. The part is around the borderline of the shaft and the head, and after a few days, the foreskin of that part is gone, it grew over time, but because i wear underwear, the foreskin thats trying to grow back sticks onto my underwear, and when ever i have to go to the washroom, i have to take my underwear off, it hurts a little bit cause it yanks the skin off along with it. Any ideas how to grow the foreskin back? Or just stop masturbating, stop scratching endure the pain, or go get some lotion?


Its me adding more to the post ^^, or would it have been because i masturbated, i was going to fast and holding to hard, making the skin get really dry and fall off?