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i am uncurcumsized and started pulling back my foreskin about 2 weeks ago it was hard at first but it is now a bit easier i am 14 and i have masturbated 3 times with the skin retracted but when i slowly retract it seems to ruffle and the inside of the foreskin sticks and sometimes shows a little bit and i have a sensitive head also so it is a little bit painfull sometimes and i have read on here that touching the head will desensitize it but when i touch it and pull away my finger kinda sticks and is also painfull can you help with that ????? Also it seems to just ruffle and stay under my glans and i cant pull my skin far down my shaft i am not sure if it is because it sticks or wether i have the short frenulum or whatever but i really need answers and it can sometimes take upto 2-3 minutes trying to ease it down the head will this start to retract easier and quicker soon or not plzzz help guys ?!?!?!?!?


He you are on the wright way keeping on with your masturbating it will soon slip over soon as the skin stretched it self put Vaseline on the head of your pennis it will heal fast.


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The only way to desensitize it is by making it get used to being touched. Here's what I did.

I pulled my foreskin back as far as it would go and cleaned the whole thing with rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball. When it dried I took a piece of soft flannel and holding the foreskin back tightly, caressed it gently for as long as I could stand it. Be sure to get under the rim at the base of the head. I did that as often as I could, which was quite often because it felt so good that it usually resulted in masturbation. Eventually I didn't need the flannel and I just used my fingers.

You can stretch the opening at the tip by inserting fingers and stretching the opening. I did that while in the shower because the warm water softens it and makes it easier. Hold it as long as you can but for at least several minutes each time.

All of this can be much more fun if you have a girlfriend to help you.

The stretching does work and you will get to where you can touch the head without any discomfort. The more you do it, the sooner you get there.