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Hello. I am 15 and i had my tonsils taken out when i was 12. I have a horrible sore throat. I looked at my throat and there are huge white sores on the back like canker sores. I also have a huge canker sore on the front of my mouth on my lip. My mouth and throat are very sore. So i was wondering if my tonsils could have grown back or is this just something i have to deal with. Please help. I am in great pain!!!



Your sore throat is lasting too long. When have you noticed these canker sores? Do you remember how your healing process was few years ago? Did you have any complications? Like bleeding after the procedure or something similar. You are still very young and you need to take care of this. First I would suggest that you talk to your parents about this, and then see to go to a doctor’s office. I think you need to get check this in order you don’t have any further complications.

I am not really sure if your tonsils can grow back, but there are a lot of other conditions that you might have, so be quick to check this out.