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Well at first glance this topic would look to be about a sore throat or the flu but there is much more to this story.

I was in Canada visiting my girlfriend for the first time, we had unprotected vaginal and anal sex a decent amount of times. 2 weeks after and the day before I was leaving, I cleaned her computer fan out which was full of dust (which I am allergic to). The day I left, I started to feel quite dizzy and later on developed a sore throat due to nasal drip. The next day when I was landing in my home city, my throat was really giving me pain. My lymph nodes started to swell and on top of that I developed two unbearable canker sores on my tongue by my back mollers on each side. I slept it off and the next morning everything except the dizziness was still there but not as bad. It took about 3 days for almost all of my symptoms to disappear. I usually get over colds and flus pretty fast (3-5 days) that is why I was not too worried about it.

Later on I was browsing the net and found a page talking about the possible warning symptoms of HIV. It was as states;

- Flu like symptoms that disappear fast
- Swelling of the Lymph nodes
- Head ache
- Possible Canker sore
- Fatigue
- Feeling nauseous
- Sore throat
- Dizziness

Now, I didn't get all of these symptoms. What scares me the most is that my girlfriend gets tired pretty fast, has chronic head aches, feels nauseous every now and then and gets dizzy. Every now and then she gets all of these but only when she has the flu. She is on anti-depressants and for a few months now she hasn't had too much to do so she sits around at home a lot of the time. She also grinds her teeth at night which causes headaches. Her sex history only consists of 3 boys (both her and I are under the age of 20) and they were her boyfriends. 2 of them were eventually rubberless.

I am getting an appointment with my physician this week before I return to her to get his opinion and an HIV test done, but I would just like to here some input from other people on this situation.

Thank you.


Sounds like flu-like symptoms and if persistent over more than a few days should definately be checked out by the doctor. You are doing the right thing in going through with the HIV test as well, although probably nothing, it will be good to put your mind at ease. Learning from this experience is good too as you need to practice safe sex in the future. Best of luck to you and keep us posted on the outcome. I am sure your experience will help many others who are going through a similar situation and highly stressed. Looking forward to hearing back from you soon.


Thank you for the quick reply Brenda!

Yes I did do wrong with not practicing safe sex which a lot of teens my age must also learn. I will be returning to her this Saturday, and will be having the test this Tuesday. I will reply to this topic with my results.