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Couple of years ago I accidentally found out that I had umbilical hernia. Post delivery bulge made me look pregnant but I ignored the umbilical bulge to be just fast accumulation. Some have advised for surgery and some against it.   Is it possible to get a natural cure? Please help!!


Surgery is the recommended treatment for the repair of umbilical hernias in adults, especially if they become strangulated or incarcerated. However, there are some natural remedies for umbilical hernias that can help alleviate the pain as well as help prevent them from forming or recurring. Remedies that may help lessen the pain associated with umbilical hernias as well as possibly stop their formation or recurrence are:

 Hawthornia -- a blend of hawthorn, litchi seed, citrus seed and fennel -- is widely used in China as a way to strengthen the weakened wall of the abdomen (known as Qi). If used early enough, hawthornia can stop the progression of the umbilical hernia and limit their regrowth.

 Using a combination of the herbs Shepherd's purse as a tincture and lady's mantle as a tea -- both have an astringent effect that constrict the blood vessels and lessen blood flow.

 Eating low-fat, higher protein foods such as tuna, chicken, lentils and other beans, cottage cheese and skim milk as protein deficiencies and surplus fat can weaken the abdominal walls and lead to hernia development.

 Eating high-fiber foods such as dark green vegetables, fruits and unrefined whole-grains to reduce risk of constipation which can strain the abdominal wall.

 Increasing water and/or fluid intake to also reduce risk of constipation.

 Engaging in regular exercise to strengthen the core muscles and reduce risk of obesity; however, be aware that exercises that are improperly performed or involve heavy lifting put strain on the abdominal and/or visceral muscles. This can lead to weakening of those muscles and hernia development.

 Acupuncture and/or reflexology on the colon, adrenal gland and groin points of the body by a trained professional.

 Visceral manipulation by a trained professional

The above remedies are for use by adults only under the supervision of their physicians. These natural remedies are not recommended for use on infants or children with umbilical hernias. Also, folk remedies, such as fastening a round object, such as a coin or button, over the hernia or using a band or other tight bindings to reduce the size of the hernia, are not recommended as they do not promote healing and can lead to serious complications.