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A discussion in the sexual health forum brought this to mind, but I think it is a pertinent discussion here as well.

Almost every time I train legs by the time I leave the gym I have a dull pain in my lower abdomen/testicles/prostate(???) but it's non-specific and it would be hard to pinpoint the exact location, it seems similar to the feeling of having blue balls. If I massage around my scrotum area it does seem to feel better but is only temporary relief. If I ignore it the feeling will last for about half of the day and eventually subside. If I have time to masturbate I will experience instant relief. When I do masturbate after leg training, the volume of ejaculate seems much to be much more and the force of the ejaculation is much stronger.

Has anyone else experienced this same feeling after heavy leg training or have any theories on what it could be?

I believe it has something to do with pressure on my Prostate gland and/or Cowper's gland when I'm in the bottom of the movement and everything is compressed. Could this be stimulating the release of excess seminal fluid?



I've never personally experienced this during leg training. You're explanation seems as good as any here.

One thing I would check on, just to be safe, is to make sure you don't have a developing hernia or developing groin injury (thinking pulled or stretched goin.)

A few years ago during a set of particularly heavy leg presses, I had a serious pull or strain (NOT something you want to experience with 500 lbs up on the leg press.) Anyway, doctors were never able to positively diagnose it as a pulled groin (it may have been a pulled adductor), but it resulted in some serious tenderness in the testicles (this took about a week to develop actually) as well as bruising in that area (as well as on the interior of my thigh.)

The injury -- which was the first I had ever had lifting -- put my lower body training on ice for a good three months. Even when I could start to squat again, it took me a year to fully-recover. I wouldn't ever want anyone to go through what I did.

So I would recommend seeing your doctor and getting checked out, just to be safe. If it's something that is just developing (like a hernia, for example) early treatment can keep it from developing into something more serious that will sideline you in the gym.

Best of luck!


Thanks for your input on the situation. I also considered a hernia as well but the feeling goes away instantly after a 'release'. I've never had a hernia but it seems to me the pain would be more persistant. When you had your pull or strain, was the pain constant or would it come and go?