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Im a 22yrs old male. I had a girlfriend in college, who had herpes simplex 1, whom I dated from november 08 to march 09. She never told me where she had it on her but she had herpes 1 since high school. I got myself tested during those months I had oral sex and intercourse with her with a condom when she didn't have breakouts and used her pills(sometimes the pills were used or never idk). AND yes we both gave each other oral sex. The tests turned out negative so I was fine but she was pissed about me getting tested. One of the last times I had sex with her I used a trojan twisted condom and she didn't have a breakout. The condom broke in her without me knowing until I slipped out. I never got tested since. I haven't seen clusters of bumps or things that seems out of place in my mouth or around it and my genitals. Maybe the rare pimple from shaving down there and no the pimples are not just all blood or in clusters. Here's the catch though that concerns me. After breaking up with her; I started masterbating a lot almost frequently. Sometimes 3-4 times a day. I had chap penis which is your penis is dry or sometimes there will be blood from doing it too hard. However at this stage in my life I use moisturizer sometimes or all the time. The point is I masterbate a lot and sometimes I see red sores at all at the same spots which is on the tip of my penis or on the shaft in the exact same spot. Its not bumps just redish spots on the skin. It feels sensitive when I touch it however when I'm done afterwards like an hour it feels like a weird sharp pain at those spot when walking around. Sometimes I get tingling and a couple of times my penis was throbbing. Even not masterbating for a few days I still feel it and sometimes after 8 days. I looked extensively at my penis, viewed pictures online, and looked up a bunch of info regarding herpes simplex 1. I don't know if it is or not. I'm just being paranoid and also afraid on having it. I tried to give you as much detail I can so you can help me. Any info for me?

Thank you


if you dont have itching dont worry about it it is not that but if ur worried about it please check with a doctor that is what i recommend to go see a docter