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Hi everyone,


I hope I'm posting in the correct place.  This is regarding my husband, who has been battling pancreatitis pretty much all summer.  He is 41 years old and a type 2 diabetic and started getting pancreatitis about 7 years ago after his doctor put him on Byetta for his diabetes.  He never had it before then.  Of course, we later found out that Byetta is directly linked to pancreatitis, so he stopped taking it immediately after his first episode of pancreatitis back in 2006.  Ever since then, he has had flare-ups of his pancreatitis about once a year or so.  He would occasionally need to be hospitalized for a couple of days for pain meds, IV fluids, and bowel rest and then he would feel much better and come home and resume life as usual.  This year has been worse than ever.  About a month and a half ago, he started getting severe abdominal pain, very similar to his pancreatitis.  He tried to wait it out and continued to go to work, put himself on a liquid diet, and worked through the pain, hoping it would resolve on its own like it has many times in the past, but this time it didn't.  He finally went to the ER and ended up being admitted to the hospital for several days.  This time, they tried to do an ERCP, but his bile duct was too swollen and they were unable to do it, so they discharged him with pain meds and referred him to a hospital 2 hours away, which has much better equipment and more experienced doctors.  He was in severe pain, obviously.  We went down to the other hospital a week after he was discharged from the hospital here and they were able to do the ERCP and put in a bile duct stent as well as a pancreatic stent.  The doctor (who is one of the best in the world and is also a professor who teaches this procedure) said that he had a pancreatic cyst that had a leak, but said other than that, his pancreas, gallbladder, and everything else looked great and totally normal.  We were told that he would need to come back in about 3 weeks to have the stents removed.  He felt GREAT immediately after waking up from the procedure and the pain was totally gone.  Even the doctor was amazed at how quickly he turned around after having the 2 stents put in.  He came home, went back to work and felt great and was totally pain-free for about 2 weeks.  By the time the third week came around, the pain started gradually coming back and pretty soon he felt horrible again.  We went back down for his appointment to have the stents taken out and he ended up coming out with a feeding tube and being admitted for almost a week.  It turned out the pancreatic cyst had gotten bigger and was leaking bacteria into his body, which caused him to become very septic.  He was VERY sick.  We didn't expect that at all.  It was initially going to be just an outpatient procedure and he was supposed to be able to come home that same day, but it had gotten so bad that he needed the feeding tube, powerful IV antibiotics, and a pain pump.  He was in the hospital for about 5 days.  They had also put another pancreatic stent in.  He came home a week ago and has an appointment for yet another ERCP to have this stent taken out in a couple of weeks, but he is feeling absolutely horrible.  He's not feeling any better at all.  He's on oral antibiotics and pain meds at home, but has barely been able to eat and is in quite a bit of pain.  


Both my husband and I work in the medical field, so we are fairly knowledgeable, but this is all new to us.  It has never been this bad.  I'm so worried about what they'll find when we go back down on the 22nd to have his third ERCP.  I know that the doctor mentioned that they may have to drain the cyst and they are hoping that it at least will have shrunk by the time we get back down there, but I'm very worried.  Both my husband and I are getting incredibly frustrated with this whole situation as it has basically ruined our entire summer so far.  He just wants to be feel better and put this in the past, but it just seems to keep getting worse!  Has anyone else ever been through this before or even know anyone who has gone through something similar?  I guess we're just looking for some reassurance and light at the end of this very long, dark tunnel.  I want my husband to feel better!  I hate seeing him in so much pain all the time.  :(


Wow....nothing?  :|