As long as I've known I never retracted my foreskin when erect or masturbating. I can easily retract it when not erect to clean the glands or whatever, but its always just sat above the edge of the head when erect, causing no problems with urination or pleasure etc.

Recently, I retracted my foreskin and then had an erection. It caused some mild discomfort but nothing to serious, particularly on the right side of my penis. I then masturbated with the foreskin retracted to try it out. It felt a little tight and I did have some pain but nothing I thought serious. I thought it might have been pressure or just rubbing on the sensitive glands or something like that.

The problem is that this discomfort is not going away. It's been about 6 days now and I'm still having this discomfort when getting an erection. The discomfort ONLY happens when I'm "flexing" my penis or so, getting an erection. Whenever I flex I get a dull ache on the right side just below the head.
Also, when not erect, if I press on the area, like hard, not day by day pressure, I get the same ache. It lasts about as long as I press there, its not constant and I never get it randomly, only when I get an erection or press on it.
Again, this is causing no orgasm, erection or masturbation problems, its just a little discomfort getting there. When I have a full erection I don't get the ache and can masturbate or whatever fine. No discharge or blood or anything either.
I believe I may have bruised that area of the penis by having the foreskin press on it or something. I did not use lube either so it might have been friction or something like that. I'm 14, never sexually active, so no STD problems.
I hear the penis heals very slowly, and the pain is not as bad as the first time I think, so I'm just gonna wait it out.
What do you guys think?