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I had surgery a month ago for entrapped nerves in my foot . After a previos bunionectomy. the nerves were not cut. My sutures were removed 10 days post op. and the wound is still open and leaking. my doctor put steri strips on after removing the sutures but the gap in the wound is very large and I can see into the wound and when i walk {as i was told to } the pain is incredible and it leaks through the bandage at least twice a day. my question is ; Is it dangerous to have a wound still open and leaking 1 month post op?and will they have to restitch this?


i have the same problem. i had stiches made in 3 places and they were gonna come out on their own.

the 2 has healed fine but the 3rd one is open and you can see into the wound and there is stuff coming out of it.

I have stuff to put on it but now i am not sure if its ok to use when its so open..

is it ok to leave to heal this way or do i need to go bac to the doctor to maybe have stitches made again?