OMG you guys, I am so sorry to hear that you all are having so many post-op complications.  I had my full face and neck lift and rhinoplasty (breaking nose and have a cartalidge graft to one nostril, shaving down bridge, nostril reduction) 5 weeks and one day ago.  I returned to work 11 days after surgery and everyone said I looked great.  I had no hematomas and bruising and swelling was all but gone.  I have read all your posts and I have not heard of one of you having drains placed somewhere behind the ear area extending under the tissue of the neck, under the initial large bandage.  They collect fluid build up for the first 24 hours after surgery and are removed the 2nd day post-op when returning to have the initial bulky bandage removed.  The right drain was about half full and the left drain was about 1/3 full.  I did have more swelling on the left side. I'm thinking that that the drain did not work as well on that side.  Now both sides have no swelling at all.  I was give solu-cortef IV during the procedure to prevent swelling.  Did any of you get that.  I also was given a "bruise/swelling" cream that I was to apply 2 weeks prior to the surgery to the areas that were likely to bruise/swell.  I was told the cream increases circulation to the area.  I was told to start using it again 4 days after surgery as he didn't want me to message the areas until the skin/muscle began to become firmly attached to the underlying structure.  When I began using it again after surgery, the bruising and what swelling there was, was noticeably better in the morning and continued to get better daily.The doctor gave me a jaw bra the day after surgery when he removed the drains and bulky dressing which I wore for the first 5 days 24x7 unless showering. I was also on 750 mg of Keflex (antibiotic) for the first 7 days post-op to reduce the likelyhood of infection and in fact the stitches(disolvable) inside my ears and around the back of my ears healed great, and are completely dissolved.  I also used triple antibiotic ointment on them after a thorough washing once a day.  I do have one small lump under my right cheekbone that is slowly going away and is only palpable now and not visable to anyone.  I also have a small indentation under my left cheek that is continuing to resolve that is also only noticeable to me. I do have numbness that gets better every day as it recedes from my midface to my ears.  My neck looked tight from day one and I think it was because of the jaw bra..Did you guys get one of those..if not you can order them online for about $25.00 dollars.  Again sorry to hear you are having problems..just keep the faith and keep seeing your surgeon.