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Hi- I am 3 weeks post-op bunion surgery. I have pin in and forefoot cast. Things seem to be going well but I am experiencing some tingling and "pins and needles" sensation. Is this okay and/or what does this mean?


Hi Carla88. My friend had bunionectomy last year and he had similar symptoms as you do. He was scared so he contacted his doctor immediately but it was nothing. So you shouldn't worry too much but just to be rest assured that everything is fine call your doctor and ask if you should come for check up. And you should follow up after surgery instructions because that is the fastest way to full recovery. Don't do anything that could make your condition worse. Bunion surgery recovery usually lasts around 4-6 weeks, but it could last longer if you don't follow the instructions your doctor gave you. So get yourself a stack of good books, be patient and you will walk around normally very soon. All additional information about bunionectomy you can find in this article, my friend found it very helpful: