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Alright so...I'm 19 years old and on Wednesday night (which turned into Thursday morning) me and a guy friend of mine got a little intimate...there was no removing of clothes really. But like, he unzipped and pulled down my pants and underwear a little and stuck his finger inside of my vagina (in and out motions) numerous times. That was the first time I had experienced something like that...(and obviously we made out/touched each other and etc).

And also during that he pulled out his penis (didn't removie his pants, just unzipped his jeans and pulled it out) and had me kinda massage it and eventually (after continuining the moment of "passion" I guess) had a little squirt or so of cum...or whatever it's called. (I'm new to this.) we were laying side by side. my underwear and pants was a little pulled down bellow my hips. Not too much. Like I said, there was no removal of clothing. And I have not have REAL sexual intercourse before. (Also, I'm still a virgin even if a finger went in there right ._.? *LAME*)

Later I went home and got in bed (its not about 2:30-3am Thursday morning) and when I wake up later I felt normal. I was cleaning later that day and I felt really light headed (almost to the point of fainting). But I'm 98 % sure its because I haven't been eating much...But yeah, that was all that happened that day.

The next day I felt hard/bloated in my lower abdomen? It was very mild but enough to feel kinda uncomfortable. It felt like that most of the day. But then I DID decide to take a laxative cause I thought maybe I was a little constipated or something (Plus, I haven't been eating much of anything the whole week...which could reduce bowel movements). But I didn't think about eating anything before taking the laxative (powder form). But it DID do what it was supposed to...made me c**p and later kinda had some diarrhea...that was not fun. I was thinking that taking that laxative after not eating anything and the diarrhea is causing the feeling of not being able to breathe very well...and maybe even the burning/bubbly feeling in my stomach. Even after that I didn't really eat much cause I didn't feel like it. D:

And now today it kinda just stepped up a few levels. I couldn't even really sleep cause of that burning feeling in my stomach and sometimes in my groin well as the shortness of breath. I know this is a long ass story, but this isnt symptoms of pregnancy right? I've read that they can't really happen that quickly but I"m just making sure...I'm 99% sure that none of my friend's small amount of cum got anywhere near my vaginal area so...

I've heard that there are symptoms that happen after any kinda of sexual activity. My friend (who has sex regularly) told me that sometimes she gets cramps and headaches/backaches after doing sexual activities...

I just want some comfort in knowing that I didn't mess up after and very first experience of something sexual D: I am feel super stressed (cause this guy this happened with is kinda with somebody and it slipped...) maybe the regret and the laxative I took and maybe what happened between us is causing my stomach to feel so upset and feel fatigued.

P.S: I also can't stop burping. LOL! It seems that when I burp it relieves the pressure in my stomach.

P.S.S.: Also, my last period was like...early May (maybe between May 3'rd -7th). Its usually pretty regular (3-5 weeks for it to come back) and I was sorta expecting it sometime next week. I need to start keeping a calendar of it, seriously...ugh...


you haven't lost your virginity - you didn't have penetrative vaginal sex (his penis had to go inside you)

unless your male friend had "cum" all over his fingers and then pushed them inside you its pretty much impossible that your pregnant and even if he did do that its very unlikely!

your symptoms could be the result of being stressed. maybe an idea to get on some kind of birth control e.g. the pill to stop yourself worrying about getting pregnant and don't forget to use condoms if you don't know whether he is free of STDs.

as for the burping, bubbling feeling its probably coz you are not eating. try something like dry toast - wont upset your stomach!

if the symptoms continue go see your doc for a check up!


Thank you so much...I'm extremely sure he didn't have any on his fingers too because sometimes I noticed his penis wasn't really wet or covered in anything like that. And pretty much after he orgasmed we stopped. (The little mess got on his couch and NOT ON ME ANYWHERE I'm sure about that). He also went to the bathroom several times so I'm guessing he was cleaning himself up and coming back out.

And the birth control pill thing...would it bee too late to take it now if I wanted to stop myself from worrying? Or should I wait till the upset stomach goes away then take it? (Its only been 3 days so far since me and him had that encounter).


I don't mean to double post but I just want more feedback on my issue...I'm just a really paranoid person to begin with rofl.

Today I don't feel as bad. There are moments where I feel completely okay/ normal and then once I think the stomach aches/lack of breathing are gone it comes back. (UGH) and my lower abdomen area feels really hard. (like I'm flexing there or its tense or something even when I'm trying to relax my body). Uuuuuuuugh. I'm hoping by tomorrow this aches/hard to breathe feeling will go away as lon gas I keep taking some Motrin/vitamins and stuff...

Also, I'm feling a little burning sensation down in my groin area =( Is it possible that when he was fingering me that he scratched something up in my vagina and maybe thats whats causing all of this irritation?