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Hello all,
I had my gallbladder and gallstones removed about seven months ago and have recently been ill. I travelled to my wife in Turkey on the 10th November and ate on the plane as usual the flight was okay apart from the last half an hour when I became very hot and had a slight headache, a few other people were complaining that the aeroplane had descended quicker than normal and that their ears were hurting slightly when we arrived in Turkey from the U.K.

I was abnormally sweating all the way from the airport I just thought that it was the carrying of the case and the weather was warmer than the U.K. and I was also perhaps just a little tired. On the monday 10th November I ate normally and then also on Tuesday 11th November I ate small and not so heavy meals. On the tuesday night I went to bed and in the night had some terrible stomach pains, I thought it was just bloating and wind and tried to go back to sleep, I then had to rush to the bathroom where I was sick many times the last time I brought up what I can only describe as green bile as it was very sour in taste, a few days on and I still feel very tired and my stomach aches and I am producing alot of wind. I suffer from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and have also been diganosed as having a hiateul hernia the non protruding one. I have felt very unwell and although I have not been sick again still feel nauseous and not at all hungry. I am now wondering if I should seek a doctors opinion as the green bile ejection really concerned me.

Has anyone else been vomiting green bile after a gallbladder removal?


are you positive it is green???

there are a lot of reasons why people have bilious vomiting (bile) and some of those can be quite serious - as you have been so poorly i would suggest a visit to the GP just to make sure nothing is wrong!