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My baby is now three weeks old in the nicu being winged off of opiates. My entire pregnancy i was on subutex at first i was on 32mg of subutex and i was able to get down to 4-6 mg a day when he was born and then they switched my to oxycodone after having a c section i was on 20mg every three hours, (160mg oxycodone per day) and i have been able to cut my dose in half but i dont want to be on these anymore i want to take my subutex instead but i want to breast feed him also and right now he is on morphine in the newborn intesive care unit being winged off of it. would me taking subutex conter react his morphine and send him into with drawls. and if it doesn't would it just keep him hooked on it and then have to withdrawl all over again. i need some advice please help.


Any medication taken by a nursing mother will get into your milk to some degree and may even affect your milk supply. It is best not to take any drugs while breastfeeding.