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ok.. so long story. I went out with a friend that came to visit.. usually when i go out i dont have pockets so I put my license in my bra.. well i passed out with it in there and when i woke up in the morning it was a huge red spot and also a bruise and very sore and sensitive.. so i figured oh it will probably just go away.. well the bruise and soreness did but it now just looks like a scar kind of.. hard to explain.  and that was like... 8 months ago..Well thats the first thing... second is now there are red spots on both of my breasts near the bottom and on the sides.. one near the right nipple they are slightly itchy.. when i touch them they almost remind me of an ingrown hair.. but not exactly.. and now my breasts are a little sore... i dont have much time lately to make a doctor's appointment and i will get around to it soon.. but i just kind of wanted an answer sooner than later.. of what it possibly is?? cause I' am a little freaked out I am 24..  I was thinking its possibly because i cut hair..?? does this happen regularly to other cosmetologists like hair splinters or something? but the first one i was not doing hair yet. oh! and there are no lumps that i can feel..


Relax :)

This could just be an allergic reaction. You are having a panic attack. Observe for a few more days. If the problem persists, visit a dermalogist.