Hey there! I'm 16 years old and I have a question about.. my own body, basically. I tried looking up information on my breast problem on other site sources, but I haven't gotten a straightforward answer of what my symptoms could be related to. I'm afraid to ask my mom (We're not very close, I feel liek a burden more than a blessing, you know?) so I don't know if I should seek professioneal help, of if it's just signs of being a teenager.

First sign: My breasts itch more than usual. They itch near and on the nipples, and it drives me up the walls half the time. I thought it was dry skin, because it started to flare on the nipples, but there's a redness as well and lotion doesn't mosturize it properly.
My skin over the breasts is very pale, so you can see the veins fairly clearly. I don't know if this can tell you anything, or if it is irrevelant.. I'm just puttting this out in the open "just in case."

Second sign: I have a painful sore on the nipple. it's very sensitive and shrivels if I don't even touch it, and i'm not cold. I don't think it's hormones either, but it might be and I just don't know it.
There are also pimple sized red bumps on the nipple and surrounding it. They don't hurt, but I don't know if it's normal or what.

Thirdly, There's a shadow surrounding the left nipple, liek a bruise. It's soemtimes blue and purple, soemtimes it's just a slightly purple. I tihnk it might be the veigns or osemthign that I'm seeing, but it's only on one breast, which is my left one. Another note, the left breast is slightly larger.

I don't feel "lumps".. I feel there stiff lumps near the rebcage, but I don't think they're cancerous. There's the size of beans.

What could be causes, I'm guessing.. are that I don't eat right. I practically eat fast food or TV dinners every day except on occasions when I'm at a friend's house or the "housekeeper" makes a "home cooked meal". I don't exercise alot, and I stress more than I should.

If nayoen can help me, or give any advice. it will be very much appreciated. I'm grateful for any help I can get. :3
'Thank you.