Hey, about two months ago I got a fairly large cyst removed from the tip of my nose via excision and luckily I am pretty happy with the result, it is only slightly red in that area, which is better than the cyst I had for probably eight months prior.

Now, two months after the excision, I felt a small lump next to the area I had my last cyst removed, and I think this time another one is forming. I went to my dermatologist and he put in a very dilute cortisone shot in it.

It's been two days and I feel the cyst much more distinctly under the skin, hopefully it starts to go away. Its wired because this cyst you can't see at all, I just can feel it under the skin.

I was just wondering what people thought, when can I expect the cyst to start to disappear? Is it possible that it won't, and would it come to the surface like my last one? Why am I getting these, I don't break out any where else, and I'm afraid I am going to keep getting these cysts right on the tip of my nose.