My period is normally on the 9th of every month. Its never late, and I can normally always tell when its about to come.
For 4 months now me and my husband have been trying to concieve a baby. We have had unprotected sex pretty much as much as possible.

So we were waiting for the ninth to come and see if I would get my period and I didnt, so we took a pregnancy test and it came out negitive, but I had no symptoms of getting a period. Its now 8 days past the day I'm supposed to get my period and im feeling the cramps on my side and some back pain like I normally do for my period, I've also and tender breasts, but it lasted longer than normal.
I've also not had the normal discharge as usual for this past few weeks. And I really dont know whats going..

Ive taken 2 pregnancy tests and both came up not pregnant, and now and have some symptoms of a period, could I still be pregnant?
I really feel different but I'm not sure if im just thinking to much into..
Its just not normal for me to be late on my period, or having 2 negitive tests, and still be late, and now have cramping on my side and lower back..
If anyone has advice it would be greatly appreciated.. I need some kind of answers :-)!!!
Thank you