Now a days people are facing overstress because of the pot belly syndrome. The pot belly syndrome is a situation caused because of uncontrollable diet, physical inactivity, overdose of supplements and medications, over sleeping, less movements etc.

How does stress eating contribute to obesity?

If you are wondering how stress eating contributes to obesity then you need to know that stress and obesity are directly related. Stress causes certain hormones in our body to increase, causing lack in metabolic activities.

So even though people control food intake, or fast, the find it difficult to reduce their fat deposited in stomach. This again leads to stress that contributes to obesity. This is how how stress causes obesity.

Yoga and meditation can help you alleviate this situation. One yoga technique named the Uthana Padasanam is really helpful to control fat belly. This yoga can help you reduce stress relating to obesity. It is described as follows:

Uthana padasanam

1. Lie down on a soft piece of cloth facing upwards
2. Bring your legs together and straighten them
3. Rest your hand close to your body with your palm pressing or facing downwards
4. Take a deep breath and relax
5. Slowly raise your legs up to 45 degree, and exhale your breath while doing so
6. Stay in this position for about about six minutes (breath normally)
7. Slowly bring your legs down
8. Repeate again

When to Do this Yoga?

This yoga can be done up to 6 to 12 times anytime during the day. This plays major role in reducing huge belly. In addition it helps to reduce unnecessary fat in our body as well as improves proper blood circulation. It is very helpful to be free from stress of mind and helps break the stress obesity connection.