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Fat tissue is very important for the proper functioning of the human body. In addition to serving as an energy reserve, it has an important role in thermoregulation and the storage of some vitamins and hormones. However, excess body fat can severely affect the health and the external appearance. Here are some facts about the most common fat distribution patterns and weight loss in specific regions of the body.

Distribution Of The Fat Tissue

It is helpful to understand that fat distribution depends on several different factors, such as gender, age, nutrition, physical activity, and genetic factors. Women have not only a higher percentage of fat tissue than men, but they also have a different fat distribution pattern. In women, excess fat is mostly stored in the thigh and gluteus region, while in men, it tends to be deposited predominantly in the abdominal region.

Sex hormones (testosterone and estrogen) are responsible for such metabolic behavior. Apart from gender differences, the age is also an important factor. Children are less prone to gaining fat as their organism uses up a lot of energy for growth and development. However, there is a global increase in obesity among children, mostly due to overfeeding.

Different regional distributions of fat tissue among people of the same age and gender are mostly due to influence of genetic factors. Some people's metabolisms have an innate tendency to accumulate fat in the facial region, while others have more fat tissue on their back, arms, neck, or legs. If you watch carefully, you can notice these patterns among the members of the same family.

How To Lose Fat In Specific Body Regions

Dietary changes and increased physical activity have been scientifically proven to decrease body fat content. However, these measures reduce fat tissue globally, and the fat distribution pattern remains the same. Many people think that if they do crunches, they will lose more belly fat than if they run or do some other activity unrelated to the belly region. Actually, this is not true. No matter which muscles contribute to the caloric deficit, the effect will be the same. There are various products on the market, claiming that you will lose belly fat if you use them, and you will, but just because that is probably where you have it the most. On the other hand, all these products will make you lose fat also in other regions where you may not want to.

Some researchers have investigated the topical use of fat-burning substances, and this turns out to be the most promising way of losing regional fat. Topical products containing forskolin, aminophylline, and yohimbine, or combinations of these substances have produced a significant regional fat loss in some recent studies. These topical creams are supposed to reach to the fat tissue through the skin and to increase the metabolism of the fat cells in a certain region of the body, either by increasing local temperature, or by activating some catabolic pathways in the fat cells.

The efficacy of these substances as well as their safety needs to be further investigated. So far, the only solutions which are confirmed to be efficient for this purpose are different types of liposuction procedures, but they carry their own risks.

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