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I posted a smiliar queastion under a different topic, but did not receive any responces, so ill post it again under something else.....Is there any anxiety medication for people with liver function problems, i just stopped taking sub because of elevated liver enzimes(hep c), and now I need something for the anxiety. o.O


When I came off of suboxone, I too had anxiety issues and panic attacks. I also had wandering thoughts and could not stop worrying, it was hard for me to concentrate------almost like AD/HD. I had no previous history of ADD, and it got Im guessing it was just the mental withdrawals. I actually got put on Zoloft, Gabapentin(neurotin), and a very small dose of klonopin(.5mg 1-2 times daily as needed for anxiety). I dont know how these drugs will affect you with the liver issue, but I did notice the neurotin helped me sleep when I took a couple before bed. Also the klonopin I would avoid taking unless I was really jittery or felt like I was going to have a panic attack. I didn't take them 2 times a day unless I really needed them because I was afraid I would get a tolerance and have to take more and then get addicted to another drug. I don't really know if the zoloft helped or if I just started feeling better after a month two of being sober, anyways just to be safe Instead of totally stopping the zoloft I weened off to half a pil for a week, then a qurter, then a quarter ever couple days, etc. and I stopped taking it about 2 months after I got prescribed it. I seem to be ok now, I don't get the anxiety or panic attacks anymore, but I always keep a klonopin in my pocket just in case----I think it helps always have a klonipin on me because in my head im not worried about having a panic attack --if I do, I have the medicine to make it better and I think subconsciouslly this keeps me from panicking and having the anxiety attacks.----you know its kinda like when you'd be having withdrawals from opiates and just by receiving drugs you would feel better just knowing that you had something before even doing them.

Anyhow, I've made this message longer than I needed, but those three things helped my anxiety after totally weening off suboxone. I never really had any physical withdrawals, just the mental ones from above (although a full blown panic attack is pretty physically dehabilitating). I hope this helped out and hope these things won't affect your liver function and that you are able to be helped by them as well.