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Hello everyone, on Nov 2nd i tried a special brownie with apparently a lot of weed in it (raw,seeds were present), it was my first time trying mj and i went to sleep (2am), i woke up soooo terrified and dizzy like i was about to faint(9am), i had to go to ER. since then i started having panic attacks as well as some withdrawal symptons (nausea, dizziness, vomiting) which i still have 41 days after that. is it possible MJ caused it? I know for sure i panicked over dying and i went to a psychiatrist starting december for anxiety & panic attacks, they prescribed Zoloft and Klonopin but on my 2nd week none of them is working and made symptoms worst!  and i decided to go the natural/homeopathic route now.

I will appreciate any help. I'm desperate and i just want to get my life back on track.


I know this has been a while since you posted this but hopefully if you experiencing any of these symptoms still, I can help. First, weed is just a plant and most stoners would be so jealous of you if you're still feeling the effect of pot 41 days later, but unfortunately you're not. I went through literally the exact same thing as you when i first smoked. I felt the effects (what I thought were the effects) a week later and was in hospital 3 times and prescribed Valium. If you knew that the brownie had weed in it and still ate it, did you feel guilty or like you were doing a bad thing and worked yourself up? Those effects may have just been your adrenaline running from eating it, and maybe you got yourself into the big circle of anxieties I had too. I would notice my heart beating faster which made me think i was having a panic attack, which scared me more, so i thought of what it could be and I immediately thought, IT WAS THE WEED. It wasn't. It was me, working myself up. Once I realized that, I gave weed another go with a completely different mindset. I now smoke every day and am a very happy girl with very minimal anxiety which is unreal considering I was having 10+ panic attacks a day for 3 months after I smoked for the first time. Haven't had one since. It's all in your head really. Once you can accept that and stop looking for something to blame all the anxieties on, you can start getting better. Hope this sorta helped. :)