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Hi, Im 30 yrs old been dealing with addiction since 18. It started with weed, then my moms klonipins. Shortly after I started drinking my moms methadone. when she found out I didnt lie I said it took the pain from my back. at that point she willingly gave it to me along with klonipins, finigans, phorocets etc, anything to catch a nod. Eventually I got on a methadone clinic. dumbest move ever for me, mind u I had never done heroin at this point. I was on the clinic 2 yrs 50 mgs the 1st year detox the next and got off at 13 mgs. never felt a withdrawl and plus I didnt really know what one was. Sleep was hard thats it really, I was 20. soon after I tried heroin got hooked, then tried coke got hooked, almost died a few times. Then I decided now I need the clinic. so I got back on the meth. I didnt stop using completly it was kinda a saftey net, the methadone. I finally cut the c**p with dope and coke in dec 2003 but continued the clinic and my klonipin. I didnt abuse them, if anything I took less than I was suppose to. Just last year I switched from meth to suboxone. Im currently at idk 2 mgs a day, today I took half of a 2 and I feel ok. I still take klonipin. But im feeling really hopeless, I want off all this junk, I see more hope in doing that with the suboxone than the klonipin, cuz I do have anxiety issues, and PTSD. Im just looking for opinions, advice, or some encoraging stories. I would love to go to detox, but how? I support myself, single mom, the bills dont stop , the rent cant go on hold, and well I just dont have time to be sick, idk im lost can anyone be a friend give some helpfull words? ? :-D


Hey, well you've been on suboxone for about a year now. So the methadone is for sure out of your system. All you need to worry about is Suboxone withdrawals, and a lack of Klonipin may give you anxiety attacks.

I don't know, this is what I might try:

Suboxone, as I've read throughout this entire website, generally has lighter withdrawals than anything else. In fact, I've used suboxone many times to get clean from dope, and I've never had withdrawals from it. I never stayed on it for too long, but I still never felt a thing when I came off it. I've read postings on here from people that say they quit Suboxone after years with no more than a runny nose for a week!

I suggest you just give it a try. Try as hard as you can to just stop taking the suboxone one day, and tough it out. And I guarantee, it won't be as bad or as hard as your mind makes it out to be. And if it is somehow really horrible, you can just start taking them again, in other words - you have nothing to loose from trying this out.

If it doesn't work out - give your child to someone else who can watch him/her, talk to your landlord and work something out, save up some money and go to detox -I think that would be worth it - bottom line is you can do it. Really, nothing's impossible if your desire to succeed is strong enough, at least in my opinion.

As for the klonipin, try switching to xanax, which in my experience, is a weaker substance. Try switching to xanax, and then to lorazipam (valium) and then to something lighter. I'm sure theres a way off that too, but just know that as far as I'm aware, Klonipin is the strongest of the strong when it comes to anti-anxiety, and I'm sure you can somehow start to ween down.

I'm not a doctor or anything, but those are a few suggestive words I would offer you! Hope It helps!


Hey Heidi YOU CAN DO IT I got off of it. I got off of norcos or vic's whatever and then subutex. I also have really bad anxiety after my short term addiction to Adderall (amphetimine salts) a few years ago. I always had anxiety but i started having really bad panic attacks after that addiction. Anyways after that problem i got addicted to xanax and kolonipin. I swore forever lol that i was not addicted but hey i was an addict. Well no I am completely off all medication I am only taking fish oils and vitamins and things like that and I feel great and you know after stopping all my meds plus I stopped smoking (not choice I just literally stopped all of a sudden after going through subutex withdrawal prob cause i couldnt walk far enough to go outside during that time i don't know but I want to tell you that you will feel so much better after stopping meds. I really thought i didn't have a problem and that all my meds were needed LOL But I am so much happier now I can play with my 3 year old and everyone around me has realized that i am happier to and i don't have mood swings anymore which i thought i needed meds for. I thought i needed meds for everything that was wrong with me and now I am so much better without anything at all and most of my problems have gone away and my anxiety since stopping all meds is actually better I actually just realized this when i read your post because i was like man i know how she feels then i thought hey i actually haven't had a panic or anxiety attack in a few weeks so thank for that.

Just my thoughts stay positive you can do this I am here for you keep writing I will help you!