Within the past 6 months or so, I have discovered a (seemingly sudden) formation of a series of very small lumps that are highly mobile under the skin of a few areas on my body. The first is located about 4 inches below my elbow and feels exactly like what you would think a grain of rice lodged under your skin would feel like, but it seems to have either split into 3 separate bumps or has made itself some friends. The second is directly on my groin, right in the crease separating my upper thigh and abdomen, and is a bit larger and less mobile, but feels very much the same (hard, moveable) and is the only one that is visibly noticeable. The last is on my shin directly over the bone, and has the same shape, size, and mobility as the one on my arm. Some possibly pertinent information about my health: - I do not "workout" but I am moderately physically active and am often walking long distance and lifting heavy things (both by choice and out of necessity) - I have experienced a large drop in body weight over the past year as a result of a schedule that has become increasingly busy (college, work promotion, membership and board positions within several organizations, internships) - Diet consists of mostly grab-n-go foods like fruits, canned soups, granola/breakfast bars, and small bags of vegetables. All fluids are either coffee or water. Meals are rare, but substantial. I've written them off as lipomas as they fit most of my understanding of the criteria, but due to the rapid formation of each of them, and my very low body weight (BMI of 17.5 - underweight, I know) and fat percentage, I'm beginning to question this self-diagnosis. My question(s) is/are: 1.) could they, indeed, be lipomas? 2.) if not, what could these mysterious lumps actually be? and 3.) Are these something I should be medically concerned about and seek medical attention for?