My skin peels off under my beard. I'm 23, and embarrassingly, I've never asked a doctor about this. As long as I can remember, on any part of my body that grows hair, particularly new hair, my skin peels off. At an absurdly high rate. On areas of new body hair during puberty, winters were the worst, because my skin would peel and dry out on my arms, legs, chest and even groin - and become incredibly raw in the cold. These days, I use a lot of moisturizer in these areas, and am usually fine. However, my beard is coming in, and the peeling will not stop! To compound this issue, I just moved to New York - and the air is literally so dirty here, that the dead skin goes gray within a matter of hours. When I scrub it off, my skin becomes incredibly irritated. The weather has been warm thus far but am very worried about the coming winter/soreness. Should I also be worried about the graying of the skin? I'm half caucasian, half east-asian but my skin is surprisingly olive/tanned looking (in tone comparable to hispanic, arabic or mediterranean peoples). This discoloration of the dead skin however, resembles a light layer of charcoal or soot more than any human skin tone. I've assumed pollution (because was never this bad before I moved) but is this necessarily the case? Goddamn it's staining my shirts!