Hey everyone,

So this is a problem I've been having fairly inconsistently since I believe mid-Summer 2011. Occasionally I'll be sitting minding my own or fiddling around on the laptop, television, in class, wherever, etc and out of nowhere only in my right ear there is a sudden loud ringing. Sometimes it's not terribly loud, and other times it catches me so off guard I grab for the side of my head. The ringing is high pitched, very loud, and short lived (I've never experienced it for more than 10 seconds. This doesn't seem to get aggravated in loud environments, and the only reason I'm seeking opinions on this is because I've experienced it twice within the past 3 hours which has never happened before (to my recollection).

Anyway, does anyone have experience with something like this and have ideas as to what it could be? How I could treat it? Etc.

If you have any questions that may help please ask away.