Anyone in here ever heard of XS? It's an energy drink with no carbs, no sugar, and only 8 calories. The energy in it comes from B vitamins. In fact, one can of this has 4900% of your daily recommended dose of B12 (I've been told it is almost like a B12 shot from the doctor.) They don't sell in stores, but are currently second in energy drink sales only to red bull.
They come in several flavors : cranberry grape, citrus blast(which tastes identical to mountain dew), cola, root beer, cherry, tropical punch, tea-berry, and lemon. You also have the option to buy this drink uncaffinated, but it'll still give you vitamins. It's 23.99 for a case of 12.Please email me at ****** if you'd like to order some. I'll give you a link to the site. Thanks!
ps- the same company also sells sports drinks, protein shakes, and meal replacement bars.

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