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I'm the stage manager for a production where one of the actors need to drink a lot of cream soda on stage. He's drinking about three cans a show, and one of them he's chugging. He's now drunk 15 cans of cream soda in the past three days, and he's starting to get sick from it, and getting lethargic and such. And we have FIVE MORE SHOWS TO GO. By next Saturday, he'll have drunk approximately 35 cans of cream soda in a little under two weeks, in groups of 3 or 4 in the space of about 2 hours each group.

I'm the stage manager, and therefore concerned with actor well-being, but also (this being a high school production), I'm doubled up as the first aid (because I'm a certified nurses' aid). I'm trying to think of something that we can do so that we can counter-act this to some extent.

He's starting to feel sick from it, he's getting lethargic and he can't concentrate as well. And yes, he does need to open them on stage, so we can't just use water in cans.


Big no no! That's amateurs! Don't you know that actors use colored water?! Anyway, use chromium GTF or picolinate or Chromium/Vanadium combo and Gymnema Sylvester to counteract the sugar.

Google this herb for the benefits as it pertains to sugar. Can be used by both diabetics and hypoglycemics. It nullifies a certain amount of sugar in the body.

Hope this helps! <3

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