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hi im 18 this year and i noticed that my eyes had sunken together with dark circles below my eyes. I have a habit of sleeping late in the night due to gaming. I hope that some1 will actually tells me what i can do to heal my poor eyes.


You are aware that playing games deep into night is resulting not only with your sleeping late but also with dark circles under your eyes. This is a bad habit and if you can’t ignore it totally you should try at least to minimize it. And don’t say that this isn’t possible because I know it is since I had the same problem. And dark circles are not the only side effect of gaming. You are living in a virtual world and therefor you are missing real things.

Instead of playing games you could try with reading books. It sounds dull but it can be very interesting and someday you can benefit from this.

If you can’t control yourself and start to sleep on a regular basis you can buy some creams for dark circles under eyes and this will do the trick for some time at least.