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First of all a photo of my eyes

Background Info
I'm 21 years old.
I have sunken eyes also with dark circles and i was wondering what could be the cause.

I do feel although i'm tossing and turning in my sleep, and i'm always tired when i get up and throughout the day.

I drink lots of water and eat a balanced diet.

I've been to the doctors and had blood test and the sort , and nothing was found. Neither of my parents have dark circles or sunken eyes .

The only other sympton i've noticed is that my hair has become very thin and even falling out more than i've ever noticed, and in some areas i can see my scalp if the hair isnt "falling" the right way.


1. Last year around exam time i put Gelatin on my eyes , after reading some comment that it may clear dark circles. However, i got the "recipe" wrong and it become very hard on my eyes and was difficult to get off even with warm water.
Ever since this time my eyes have become very sunken and increasingly dark. So i was wondering if this could have caused the problem?

2. If sleep is the problem , is it possible that if my sleep returned to normal my eyes would return to normal?

I've felit tired and like i've been tossing and turning in the night for a long time now, so i'm thinking the damage may be irreversible.

3. About 2 years ago, i lost 6 stone of weight in year, could this be contributing to the problem (but for the first year after the weight loss this problem didnt exist)?

Any other thoughts are appreciated.





Dark circles often appear from sleep deprivison( sorry if I spelt that wrong I'm only 13).

If you have a problem relaxing try these tips.

1. Get a fan to block out noise

2. Get a lavender spray and spray on pillows and comforter

3. read a novel and get comfortable

Also no soda or candy before bed. No sugar sould be eaten of drank atleast 3 hours before bed.

 You say that " I've felit  tired and like i've been tossing and turning in the night for a long time now, so i'm thinking the damage may be irreversible." That is not true , since you are young sleep is the best thing you can do to rejevinate skin over.

However, whenever you put something under the eyes there can be side effects.....Your's happens to be dark circles...It's not the end of the world. I am almost completely Italian and I have dark circles.....Not beause I don't sleep or eat right ....It's because of my heridge. I've learned to except the fact I have them and I move on. Some people even find my dark circles and deep set eyes gorgeous,mysterious, and UNIQUE! What matters most is YOUR personality. True beauty lies within.

I know blah blah blah, Here is a good eye cream for a guy. YES A GUY!

Clinique's Age Defense For Eyes for men. Many guys use it and say it is amazing! It works for many sensitive people to so I don't think it would be a problem!

Good Luck with your problem!:-D

                                            , Mira




have a sleep study done , maybe you have narcolepsy, see a pulmonologist or "sleep dr. "