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I AM 18 and i have dark circles undr my eyes. i wanna know if its genetic or not.....
i am very much depressed due to this as it haS spoilt my face.The extent to which it occurs and the magnitude changes everyday ..
sometimes its gone but reappears after a week or so.......please mention the causes and cure...
PLEASE HELP.............


Hello supersaiyan

Dark Circles under eyes may have many causes, from relatively harmless to some serious illnesses.

Do you have other symptoms beside the dark circles or do you feel otherwise healthy?

Are your dark circles less when you sleep and drink enough?

Possible causes:

-lack of sleep
-unhealthy nutrition and lifestyle (alcohol,drugs,..)
-certain medications
-anemia and nutritional deficiencies (iron,zinc,...)
-autoimmune disorders
-thyroid problems, diabetes
-liver or kidney disease

and probably it could be just genetics, if one of your parents also has this condition but is otherwise healthy.

How long have you been recognizing these dark circles under your eyes?

I would maybe see a doctor to make a full blood test especially if you have other symptoms or your problem started suddenly-just for sure.

Best regards ;)