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I've suffered from Globus Hystericus syndrome for about two years now, which- in case you aren't familiar- is the feeling of a lump in your throat and is brought about by anxiety. 

Now something new is happening to me, and I don't know if it's a cause for concern or just another weird thing...

When I'm eating, after I chew or whilst chewing little pieces of food seem to roll to the back of my throat before I'm ready, and I can't help but swallow it. But the thing is it's like involuntary. I'm not actually swallowing- it's just... It's like little pieces of food roll back into my esophagus before i'm ready. It's really bothering me because one of my worst fears is choking, so I'm afraid something too big for me will roll down my throat and obstruct my airway. 

Any ideas as to what this could be?


I've been having the feeling of there being a lump in my throat 4 the past 6 months and now i 2 have the problem of having to swallow be4 i'm ready, as food will start going down my throat when it feels like it.

I'm an anxiety sufferer, maybe I've got Globus Hystericus syndrome.

I wish i could help resolve ur throat issues and mine. That's a bit hard to do when i've been to sooo many doctors who have no idea as to what could be causing my symptoms, which r exacally the same as urs.

I'm going to a reflux specialist next week. Hopefully he'll have sum ideas to wat this could be.

I'll get back to u if i find any answers.