Hi, One week ago, the whole family got this persistent cold with fever including me. I went to the doctor, and he prescribed some antibiotic and cough sirup. after 5 days I felt pretty ok, so i smoked some cigarettes on new years eve. The nex day, I woke up with this wierd sounds while breathing. Its hard to describe but i'll be as detailed as i can: when i take a deep breath, almost at the end, i hear and feel this wierd high pitched whistle, also if i prolonge my exhaling (like straining) i get this gurgling sound and it doesn't seem to go away by caughing. it feels like thers some phlegm somewhere in the middle of my chest but my cough is mostly dry. I can get up a little mucus if i countinousliy strain exhaling and cough a little but that whistling while ingaling wont go away. Is it something i should be concerned about? Thank you in advance for your answer!