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I am male 67, no hi BP problems. Not overweight 140 lbs, had all blood work ok. Taking Altac Ramipril. Noticed recently when I stand for 10 mins

a large circle of redness on ankle. Showed this to my GP he says its the "pumps" in ball of foot wearing out and in calf and instead of blood returning

to heart the capillaries burst leaving blood there. Combines in a few days with iron and skin under turns golden brown. GP says this is why we are

called golden agers as skin turns color. He checked pulse at feet ok, pressed under foot and blood returns so ok. Suggest I wear the support socks

and I use them. Says I need to sway or move when standing. Even with socks if I stand too long I get more red circles above foot, and red blotches

higher than ankles. Says to try to elevate feet as much as poss. Says theres no fix for this as the "natural pumps" wearing out. One thing I notice

is under and behind toes bottom of feet when I move toes it feels numb there although it isnt, and there is feeling there, feels swollen, isnt. Have

read articles on improving leg circulation, but its the mechanism that helps pump blood back up thats defective. Left foot same but not as severe.

Other than thouse 15 hem knee socks, anything can be done to get the pumps to work? Replies appreciated.


My only suggestions that can help, some of which you have already named, with your doc's approval, are as follows:

1) Support Hose
2) Leg Elevation
3) Watch Blood Sugar/ rule out diabetes; don't go crazy on sweets
4) Avoid Simple sugars and sweets and use Complex Carbohydrates when possible, such as Brown Rice, Whole Grain Breads and Pasta, as opposed to the white varieties, which have a "high-glycemic" index, and can bring on diabetes, and can make worsen the fragility of the blood vessels in the extremities.
5) Keep LDL (bad) Cholesterol in check, perhaps aggressively, but only with doctor approval.
6) Eat foods to raise good cholesterol (HDL) such as extra virgin olive oil and grilled Salmon and other fish, and unsalted nuts.
7) Avoid Salt (this should have been listed first; with doctor approval)
8) Vitamin C, especially in the "Ester C" form are important in skin and blood vessel integrity, by cross-linking or "anchoring" of collagen in tissues. Zinc is important in wound healing.  Discuss with MD prior to starting to be sure it is best in your particular case and will not interact with medications.
9) Avoid prolonged standing- without walking around (such as standing at the kitchen sink or stove for a long time to cook a big meal)
10) The mechanical act of walking is the best way of returning blood to the heart from the lower extremities.
11) When you are in a situation when you cannot walk, you can simulate this, by pointing your toes downward as far as you can, and then upward as far as you can, back-and-forth, repeatedly....called "heal pumps" or "calve pumps".  These are very useful on long plane flights or even when sitting in a recliner watching a movie, and can take stress off of small fragile capillaries.