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My wifes feet swell when she sits for long periods of time such as driving long distances. Is there a cure



Some techniques to decrease swelling are as follows:

Increase muscle activity with walking.
Avoid standing in place for long periods of time.
Avoid sitting with the feet dependent.
Limit salt intake.
Do not abuse diuretics, but a short-term course may be helpful.
Do not abuse laxatives.
Drink plenty of water.
Avoid contraceptive pills and hormone replacement therapy if possible.
Use a compressions pump to help fluid return to the blood vessels.

If the swelling or edema continues or worsens, you should have your wife consult her physician. Hope that helps.


My mom and I are like that too. Our feet will swell if we sit for too long or standing for too long.
Recently we have been treated with acupuncture (I know not everbody believe in such treatment). Seems like our kidney and liver do not work very well although that is not the case with everybody.

Maybe this will help:
try to eat less salt
Limit the water intake, do not let yourself dehydrate as this may worsen the kidney function, if it is, but also do not take too much water either.
Try not to eat raw vegetables like in salad. Cook them properly.
Try not to eat too much apples, pears and other fruits that contain water that much.
Also try to avoid eating noodles. Rice works very well on my mom's case. Her feet now swollen not as often.
Exercise is good also to get rid of excessive fluid as swelling is sometimes caused by excessive fluids.

I am not doctor myself but those things are what I have been doing for the past few months and it works.
Although when I travel by airplane which requires me to sit more than 3 hours will get my feet swollen still..=)

good luck=)