Swollen, fluid-filled Skene's gland? Background information: I'm 17 years old and have been sexually active since I was 15. I don't believe it is the result of an STD because my partners never have contracted anything from me (at least I've yet to hear complaints) or had anything per my knowledge. Most of my encounters were long term relationships so I feel safe to presume it's not an STD. I see only a GP. I've never seen a gynecologist yet. I've been on Sprintec birth control for over a year now. My symptoms are however, as so: swollen skene's gland (I believe to the left typically), varying in size with greater size resulting in greater pressure causing discomfort when I happen to sit the wrong way, and drainage. The fluid (which I can manually express myself) is usually a thin, opaque fluid with a slight phlegm-like green color. Only this most recent time did blood join the issue at the very end (after I expressed all of the other liquid). It has no smell, but I think it might be pus or low-grade infection as it usually occurs after beginning antibiotics for a UTI, but a UTI does not have to present for this to happen. It will swell and I'll drain it several times before it finally subsides to the normal, stable size, only to return several months later. This has been on and off since I began my birth control and I just recently looked into it. Is there a reason for this or are my glands/ducts just prone to blockage buildup? Should I see an gynecologist? Is there any recommended treatment? Thank you for the help!