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Over the past few weeks i have realised i have a swollen glad which is just under my tongue. Personally i find it looks like a second tongue, which sounds stupid but that is how swollen it really is. I am really worried of the out come of this. I have not yet been to the doctors and im really worried what he is going to say. I am worried that i may need surgery on it as i am terrified of hospitals. Someone please reasure me and let me know what this possibly could be and put my mind at ease.



When you sublingual glands tend to get swollen it can be caused by several things. In most cases this is just caused by infection but sometimes this can be also caused by a salivary gland stones. Do you know anything about salivary gland stones? In most cases this can be treated by antibiotics. Do you have excessive saliva in your mouth? Do you feel any foul smell coming from your mouth? You can try to gargle warm water mixed with salt to clear your throat a bit. Also if this is caused by salivary gland stones then you need to see a doctor because you may even need a small surgical procedure. I hope this helped a bit.

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