Can anyone help???

Im 50 years old, have diabetes type one for 22 years, angina, hyper tension, chlorestrol, other related diabetes problems. In the past, i have had removed nood, and left hand side salivary gland, 6 years ago, within 1 year, i have again, another swollen gland developed. During this year, it has gone bigger, and other side of my jaw, i have also developed another gland, both sides, in the ultrasound, 2-3 gland are swelling. More than normal size. It has been diagnosed years back, not cancerous!!! but with toxoplasma problems in my blood, extra amount. As I am high risk patient, and last time, after operation, I had an attack, and was in ICU, so my consultant is not ready to operate again for surgery. I am looking for some tablets/ injections that can help me, more than a painkiller, or any other ideas to bring the gland back to normal, without surgery?

Please reply with as much information as possible. As ive looked in many different websites, and there are so many different options, but none of them as suitable for me.

Can anyone give me some more ideas??

Help is appreciated in advance

Thank you very much :-)