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Ok, so backstory: Haven't had sex in a month.

Last Thursday after a long day I was very very itchy down there. I rubbed and rubbed (I know I shouldn't but I'm really bad at not stratching when it's itchy, I hurt my eye once due to this lol) and eventually fell asleep. It was swollen and bothersome.

Woke up, still sightly itchy. Had a three day conference to go so I just took a deep breath and tried my best to ignore it. It was hard. But still not as bad as on Thursday.

When I got back home on Friday, I used a baby rash cream on the area hoping that it would help (it seemed I had the first itchy attack on Thursday because it was very dry and my skin was very dry. At least that's the feeling I had) I had these few white tiny pimples on my vulvae, close to where my labia majora begins. Ignored it.

Woke up Saturday morning. Went to the conference, sometimes got really itchy, but not as bad. But when I got home I had these bunch of tiny white pimples all over my vagina. Labia majora and minora, very close from the entrance (where it was particularly swollen and still very sensitive from scratching). Took the baby rash cream off.

Should I worry? I never had herpes, and it doesn't look like the pictures I saw of it. They are not inflammed and red around the little pimples, and overall the mucosa is not that red, just sensitive. I'm really trying to not freak out lol


Hi there

Yes, it is an infection. Better let a doctor examine you. These can spread or if they get inflamed - they can narrow down vaginal opening. Scratching while it itches will aggravate it further. Good luck