This came on suddenly. I felt tired during the day but ok. Around 5:00 pm my throat began hurting, my eyes swelled up and my throat closed up. I could breathe but could not blow my nose, which was running like a stream. My eyelids swelled up and what used to be bags under my eyes looked like huge blisters. My cheeks became flaming red. If anyone looked at me they would scream in fright.'
I had just purchased severe cold medication to have on hand, and decided to take it because I thought I had a cold. I could not talk above a whisper, and e-mailed my son to notify other family members in case they tried to call on the phone. A niece-nurse recommended zinc and vitamin c tablets which I had on hand. The cold medicine must have contained something that relieved my sore throat, along with throat lozenges. In checking references on the internet these symptoms could come from allergy or stress. I also have chills. I quit taking the cold medication after the first day because it made me feel edgy and nervous. Drank lots of water and milk.
After three days my throat feels ok, I can talk better, but my eyes are still swollen and red although not as bad as the first day. Have stayed in for three days to prevent contact with other people, have used bleach to kill germs on all the knobs, countertops, and everything else I usually touch. Am resting as much as possible because activity causes fatigue. From what I have read from other people who have this problem, it is a puzzling problem that comes on all of a sudden and can be quite frightening.